"During this trip God used me in the shoe ministry...For some, this was their 1st pair of shoes in their lives. In the medical ministry, I became aware of the deperate need of medicine needed to help stomach aches, head aches and serious infections. I was also able to help bless a woman in one of the villages by showing her how to make pot holders...I was amazed at the pure passion of the pastors who do not receive any pay for their dedication. Their sole purpose in life is to get the Word out and see lives saved in the name of Jesus, and it convicted me to be more like that."

-Team Member, February 2015

"My advice to future teams is take a large backpack! And lots of clean underwear! I promise you will not regret it. :)"

-Mariah, Pennsylvania

"I felt that both TCCI and the missionaries were excellent at being prepared and helping me prepare my team. They were always available and helpful with any questions that I had. Thank you!"

-Chris, Team Leader

Tim Barkley, Manager

"I really love doing missions. Guatemala is really the only place I have gone, but I have a definite heart for missions. I am waiting and praying to hear what's next from God. I would say everyone should go on a mission trip at least once, and just be open. Schedules may change, you may not like certain things, bugs may bother you, but if we remember it's not about us, you will have a great, life changing experience!"

-Erin, Pennsylvania

Lisa Whistler, Consultant