What about immunizations?

Immunizations will vary according to the country you wish to enter. We recommend that you check with the Center for Disease Control for information on what types of immunizations are needed in the country you choose to enter. You may visit their web page at www.cdc.gov/travel/ or simply go there by clicking on "Health Hints" on our web page.

For Mexico and Guatemala (and most other places), you will need to have had a tetanus booster within the past ten years. Some doctors recommend preventative antibiotics before and during the trip. It is also strongly suggested that you get a hepatitis A shot. These can be obtained from certain health centers and county health departments. An appointment is usually needed, and usually booked far out, as fewer places now offer this vaccine, so plan ahead. There is more than one type of this vaccine available; however, it is recommended that you obtain the newest form of this vaccine, taken in two stages, which is good for life. The other forms are of a more temporary nature. IMPORTANT NOTICE: the hepatitis vaccine requires at least 30 days to take full effect in your body. Make sure you arrange to get yours a month in advance or it will do you no good! There are other immunizations that also require some lead time to take effect. In all of these health matters, it is important that you talk to your doctor or the local health department for specifics. Your health is very important - take the time to get informed!

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